Supercharge Your Life!

Energize Your Body!

There are some very easy ways to improve you life by adding high impact foods!  Using the ORAC score of foods helps us to make sure to KNOW the health status foods, and more importantly to adding nutrient dense foods.  This will help to add years to your life and life to your years!

Below find the tools I promised.  The video below is a teaching on superfoods and their value in our life.  Adding some of these foods daily will enrich your existence.  I’ve also included printable handouts, with a notes section.  Print these out prior to listening to the video, and add your own notes.  I suggest further to have a colored pen ready, so that when you have questions, place them at the top of the page, then submit those to me in the contact form at the bottom, and my next* GoodNutritionLIVE! webinar, I will answer those questions.

SuperCharge Your Life!  Printable Handouts
Full Color (88 MB) – 9 Pages
Black & White (4MB) – 9 Pages
Both files have the same information, but the full color picture version file was so big, I didn’t want anyone to have a hard time downloading it.  The black & white version will print better on monochrome printers, although full color looks better on a color printer!

SuperCharge Your Life! Video Ecourse (XX minutes)


* – questions submitted must be at least 48 hrs prior to live webinars,in order to be included.  Not all questions submitted will be presented in the webinar, and may be excluded at the discretion of Dr. Forbess or editorial staff.

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