Video Course for type 2 Diabetes (2)

Below find the keys to truths you need that can change your life! … and improve your health, and lower or eliminate medications!

Videos – Currently there are over 13 videos associated with the course.  More will probably be added, and they will be added to your collection.  You will have access to all newer videos. Our goal is to help you!  If you have difficulties, or don’t understand something, please contact us.  Your comments and queestions will lead to added resources, as if one has a question, many others will have those questions.  Don’t forget to check out Dr. Forbess’s LIVE Webinar.  He not only wll present NEW information, but will answer questions you submit now, or during the webinar.  We want to HELP you to get WELL!
Handouts are available, just click on the handout link below each video.  These are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.  If you don’t have it, click on the icon below to get this free reader on your computer.  Print the handout and make your own notes.  Write down your questions here, then submit them on the contact form below, and Dr. Forbess will answer them on his next LIVEWebinar.
Audio files of the actual videos are also available, click here to take you to that page.  The audio versions are in mp3 format and suitable, if you wish, to put on your mp3 player, ipod, ipad, or android device.  Listen to them on the ride to work, or anytime.  This will help to get the information firmly planted into your mind!
We tried to keep the videos relativity short, about 20-45 minutes long.  I know even this will be a bit much for most, but you can always listen again and again!
A few technical notes – If you want to see the video in FULLSCREEN, right-click on the video as it is playing, and click on the fullscreen option.  (Pressing the “Esc” button on the upper left part of your computer keyboard will exit out of the fullscreen mode.)  On a slow wifi connection, pausing the video for several minutes (click on the video again pauses the video) will allow it to load in the background, allowing your watching and listening experience to be more enjoyable.

    Take your time, enjoy, and be well!

  Scroll down below to view videos, handouts, and audio files.  Submit questions using  ↓this form↓ below.  You will receive an email back soon letting you know we received your question.  Answers to health related questions submitted will be addressed at the next GoodNutritionLIVE! webinar.  We will address technical questions related to the website use and functionality in the email you receive.

Introduction – Class1

Handout (notes):  Introduction (pdf)     Audio Version:  Introduction (mp3)
Please note on the audio versions, there is a blank space in the beginning where the disclaimer begins.

Class 2 – First Things First – This part is IMPORTANT!

Handout (notes): First Things First      Audio Version: First Things First


Class 3 – What NOT to Eat!

Handout (notes): What NOT To Eat!       Audio Version: What NOT To Eat!


Class 4 – Sweeteners

Handout (notes): Sweeteners      Audio Version: Sweeteners


Class 5 – What TO Eat! General Considerations

Handout (notes): What TO Eat! General Considerations      Audio Version: What TO Eat! General Considerations


Class 6a – What TO Eat! Introduction

Handout (notes): What TO Eat! Introduction      Audio Version: What TO Eat! Introduction


Class 6b – What TO Eat! 9 Inch Plate Nutriton

Handout (notes): What TO Eat! 9 inch Plate Nutrition      Audio Version: What TO Eat! 9 inch Plate Nutrition


Class 7 – Supplements

Handout (notes): Supplements      Audio Version: Supplements


Class 8 – Exercise

Handout (notes): Exercise      Audio Version: Exercise


Class 8a – NEAT Exercise

Handout (notes):  NEAT Exercise     Audio Version: NEAT Exercise


Class 9 – Weight Matters!

Handout (notes): Weight Matters!      Audio Version: Weight Matters


Class 10 – Losing the Weight!

Handout (notes): Losing the Weight!      Audio Version: Losing the Weight!


Class 11 – Raising the Next Generation of Diabetics!

Handout (notes): Raising the Next Generation of Diabetics      Audio Version: Raising the Next Generation of Diabetics


Class 12 – Puttin’ It All Together!

Handout (notes):  Puttin’ It All Together!     Audio Version: Puttin’ It All Together!


Class 13 – Reading Food Labels

Handout (notes): Reading Food Labels      Audio Version: Reading Food Labels



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