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Name: Dr. Stephen Forbess
Re: Good Nutrition teaching, live and archived webinars, designed to educate and answer questions!

Dr. Stephen Forbess is a Wellness Consultant.  He helps people overcome and fight illness, and teaches good nutrition to help prevent disease.  He has degrees in Chiropractic, Nutrition Science, as well as 3 post graduate diplomates in Nutrition.  He has been in the field for over 30 years, and has found a method that you can use at home, to stop and reverse most blood sugar related conditions, including type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia, and pre-diabetes.

Good Nutrition LIVE! Membership

Membership includes fresh new information to help you be healthier and happier!
Included are:

  • LIVE Webinars - Dr. Forbess wil present fresh information and interview experts in nutrition and healthy topics.  Any questions submitted during the month will be answered as well.  You will be able to submit questions as well DURING the live webinar and Dr. Forbess will answer them, live!
  • Previous Webinars - All LIVE webinars will be recorded, archived, and cataloged for easier member access.   Archived webinars and interviews will be available to you, as a member!
  • Printable Handouts - When possible, printable handouts will be available to help you.  This may includes notes for regular webinars, transcripts from interviews, and special recipes mentioned in webinars.
  • Cooking Videos - Some special webinars will be dedicated to making or cooking foods to get more out of what you eat!
  • Other services will be added, including recipes, special LIVE or Archived Webinars on special topics like Secrets to Improving your Health and Longevity through Increasing your Antioxidants.
  • Discounts on Video Courses on special subjects like How to Stop and Reverse type 2 Diabetes.  These courses may be based on books Dr. Forbess has written (available on Amazon), or other topics.  These discounts will not be available to anyone but members.


These resources are packed with great information.   Our intent is to see you WELL!


There is lots of information available online and on the TV.  There are magazines like Prevention, FastnHealthy, and others.  Much information seems to conflict.  WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?

My solution is to provide you a fresh new, yet professional perspective, complete with videos, printable handouts, and other resources to get you quality information.

Next, are LIVE sessions where you can get answers to your questions, and listen to questions and answers from others.  Sometimes your input might lead to separate webinars or video courses to help you learn more.



We are making a SPECIAL Time Limited offer!  Become a Charter Member!  There is no added fee now, however, our fee for the monthly subscription will NEVER be this low again!  Charter members will receive additional FREE resources, and special discounts BELOW what a regular membership would be.  Additional ECourses with Video, Audio, and Printable Handouts are being put together on other topics, to help other conditions.   Charter members will have those available FREE or at GREATLY REDUCED fees.  Topics will include Stopping and Reversing conditions like type 2 Diabetes (Now available!),  High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, and Colds & Flu's as well as topics like Anti-Aging and Reversing and Preventing Cancer.  Other topics are planned as well.  Also, as Membership prices increase (and they will!) Charter Memberships will never increase!  You are Special!  As long as you keep your membership current, you will have access to all these free or deeply discounted services!  Membership has its priveleges.

Becoming a Charter Member today will earn you the second month FREE! (Pay for the first month, and get the second month FREE!)

As this is Time Limited, Charter Memberships will not be available much longer!  So Act Today!

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This are the benefits of membership...

  • GoodNutritionLIVE! Webinars - Great Information you can use! Answers to your questions!! Comparable webinars from a health care professional might cost as much as $80 - $120!
  • Access to previous GoodNutritionLIVE! Webinars - All previous GoodNutritionLIVE! webinars will be  available to you! ($40 value)
  • Printable Handouts - Handouts, notes, etc. all there for you to use! ($10-$20 value)
  • Cooking Videos - Special webinars will be dedicated to making or cooking foods.
  • Other services will be added, including recipes, special LIVE or Archived Webinars on special topics like Secrets to Improving your Health and Longevity through Increasing your Antioxidants.
  • Member Discounts on Video Courses on special subjects like How to Stop and Reverse type 2 Diabetes.  This course complements Dr. Forbess's variety of books available at places like Amazon.  Non-Members will NOT get these discounts! For example, right now you would save 75% OFF of My type 2 Diabetes video course.
  • That's a total value of over $130.00 per month. 

BUT. . . . . . .


By becoming a Charter Member Today,  You Pay ONLY $19.99/mo!!*


That's over $130 value per month, for only $19.99/month!!!

You'll never see this at a lower price, so act today!

This offer will only be available for a limited time, and when it's gone, it's gone!


P.S. - Don't wait until it's too late! This information could quite literally save your life. Life can throw us curves, and you could contract an illness that could have been prevented. Once your organs begin to shut down, you'll be in the hospital, too far along to be able to help yourself. I have seen my share of people that have made it to the emergency room, only to never leave the hospital under their own power and end up in a facility where you have no say in your care.... or worse. I've dealt with the doctors who oversee these facilities. They are not interested in your health and wellbeing. I know, I've tried, and the usual response is that they know better, after all don't you know what their degrees stand for?

You can and should act while you can do so, and add "life to your years and years to your life." Just do it!


* The GoodNutritionLIVE! monthly charter subscription membership is a monthly subscription service ($19.99 per month) as stated above. You will be initially charged $19.99.  The second month of the subscription will be waived (it's included in the offer), then your credit card will be charged at $19.99 per month.   You may cancel at any time.  Cancelling the membership forfeits charter member discounts in the future, and stops access to live/archived webinars and other member services.  Cancelling the subscription membership does not limit your access to video courses you purchased in addition to the subscription (such as  the video course on stopping and reversing type 2 diabetes)  You will continue to have access to those video courses, as well as any videos or materials that are added to them in the future.  To cancel you must email us at the email address provided on the website stating you wish to cancel, and include your full name and email address you have in your account with us.  Emails from a different email address other than the one you have on file, or giving wrong name/email address will delay cancellation (we have to verify your request).  Cancellation may take up to 2 weeks.
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